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“Surveys and Field Research.”

NF Consulting enjoying the ability to conduct field surveys, using the best of various survey instruments designed to analyze the data and come up with results and recommendations to develop the future policies and procedures.

The cadre we have can accomplish surveys within a specified period of time, as we specialized in statistics and quality control to ensure accurate results and analysis logical according to the client’s needs.

Surveys team start with a full-time researchers, data entry staff, quality control staff, and experienced analysis team, using a huge number of field researchers to cover the required geographical area, conducting researches on “one to one” base, as well as phone interviews, sessions group, along with brainstorming sessions, all that are collaborating with market researches to achieve the highest possible qualitative results.

“Studies and Business Plans.”

NF Consulting designs services to fit all clients needs in order to improve and develop services, expanding the business through the best international standards practice within private and non-governmental organizations. All plans are designed and developed on deep business analysis, assessing both the external and internal

environment, taking in consideration developing the vision, message, goals, policies, available resources, and programs of action.

“Strategic Development Plans”

NF Consulting has a team of experienced consultants and professionals with ability to develop strategic plans for public and private sectors along. Identifying strategic options available from the priorities list measurement indicators, including creating the strategic vision and the developing five-ten years strategic plans.

“Mystery Shopper”

Measuring the service has always been a key to understand the real customer service standard. Therefore, companies and service institutions deliberately to use the art of mystery shopper to infer service weaknesses, and develop improvement, as well as learning more about the competitors, reflecting on the improvement of customer service standards

From here, NF Consulting follows the best means to use Mystery Shopper methods and conducting surveys of the market to meet clients needs and standards expected, providing comprehensive solutions through feedback, and design management programs that help to improve the level of services.

“Impact Assessment”

Various governments and international agencies are evaluating their performance according to the criteria and indicators, which are determined upon programs implementation and its efficacy.

said, NF Consulting is working together with local and international institutions to study the development and evaluate the results of projects based on the measurement of five basic criteria (efficiency / effectiveness / convenient/ impact / sustainability).

All above is needed to determine the scale of intervene of governments and donors, as well as an “impact assessment” of the supported development programs to the extent of the negative or positive impact on the targeted segments and sector.

“Workshops and Conferences”

Conferences, forums, and seminars are important pillars of the business development, in which being one of the main catalysts of the investment laws and regulation preparation to support decision-makers in various sectors of the economy.

Thus, NF Consulting is organizing events for all economic dimensions associated with public and private sectors, opening a wide look on opportunities.